Sunday, August 24, 2008

Under attack...

On Saturday, Jeff and I did some native plant habitat restoration at Inspiration Point in the Presidio with about twenty folks from my company. Our primary activity was clearing out dead grasses from a hillside that was home to an endangered plant...the Presidio Clarkia...which has a delicate pink flower...sometimes. This time of year, the plant is brown and dry (pictured above).

About halfway through the morning, we moved to a different work area to dig up an invasive weed called Sheep Barrel, which has tiny, bright red leaves. Unfortunately, while we were digging in the dry soil, my dear colleague Susan happened upon a yellowjacket nest :( The way those nasty yellowjackets swarmed around her reminded me of all those summers growing up when Cliff and I would inevitably run over a nest with the lawn mower. Susan took a couple of stings for the team, but kept in good spirits.

We finished the work project with wonderful sanwiches from Freddies...many thanks to ailing Anders for organizing the day. Later in the afternoon, Jeff and I worked in our own garden...including extracting our own infestation of Sheep Barrel, which had taken over a pot. As the light dropped, the afternoon colors caught my camera's eye.

Oh and this morning, I did a quick spin through Bayshore. I liked these lonely corners.

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Willy C said...

beautiful pics of the flowers, man!