Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Crisis over...

I'm pleased to say that an afternoon cat nap and a complimentary glass of wine at the Hilton HHonors evening reception cured my crankiness. Back to being Happy John :)

[Update: I've come to a sad realization. After I posted this entry, my headache returned, so I cried uncle and ran downstairs to the Hilton gift shop. I bought Excedrin and a Starbucks Doubleshot. One (or both) of these totally erased my headache. Hmmm, since I didn't have a latte this morning (recall the forgotten wallet), can someone say caffeine withdrawal. Sigh, I hope not...I only have one silly latte in the morning...its one of my daily pleasures.

Also, James requested a happy photo to reflect my improved mood. I don't have photos from St. Michaels on my how about a Bay to Breakers pic with a Stranger getting goosed by another Stranger.]

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Buddy Tignor said...

Sometimes a little glass of wine can really put a new perspective on things...good to hear Happy John is back.