Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ode to a tree...

Temporary red and white No Parking signs dotted our tiny street today, signaling the imminent demise of the already-demised pine tree next door. As luck would have it, I hopped on a flight this morning for Boston...so I won't have pics of the lack-o-tree for a week! Talk about timing.

Over the past week, since we learned the tree was going to be removed, I've been noticing the tree more. There is one particularly loud bird that perches on the longest of the limbs. Every morning, his complex song greets the sun as it peeks over the hills. I think he will miss the tree most of all.

Nevertheless, I don't think the world will take any notice. It seems that we're a bit preoccupied with Paris Hilton's jail departure outfit: "a sage jacket with white trim over a white shirt and skinny jeans".

So, rather than dwell on the fate of the tree [its probably down by now], I will share the view of my Hilton window in Boston's Financial District. In a large city, a corner room is a bonus, although a view would help :)

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