Sunday, June 17, 2007

Squirrels gone wild...

One of my odd evening rituals is to fall asleep by reading the Yahoo news headlines on my Treo. Believe me...a few short pages and I am out like a light.

But one of tonight's headlines was truly blogworthy: "Squirrel goes on rampage, injures three". This story from the Reuters desk in Berlin told the riveting story of "an aggressive squirrel [that] attacked and injured three people in a German town" before being killed by a 72-year-old man's crutch. all fairness...this was closely followed by "Toddler served margarita in a sippy cup."

I love getting my news from the Internet. Global warming? Never heard of it. But I do know that one of Milan's airports was closed when its runways were overrun with mating wild rabbits.

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Sherie said...

There's a squirrel that taunts my puppy every morning. He sits on the fence and makes noise to wake the dog up and eats nuts in front of him.

And thank you again for delicious dinner!