Sunday, June 17, 2007

Muy Bonita...

In pleasant contract with Saturday's cool foggy weather, today was brilliant from start to finish. Sure, you could quibble with the slight lingering haze, but that's for glass-half-full types.

We ventured across the Golden Bate Bridge and into the Marin Headlands to visit a craggy piece of land that sticks out into the entrance of the Bay. Firmly atop this sliver of rock is the Point Bonita lighthouse. Built in 1855, this lighthouse was originally accessed via a natural rocky path, which eroded away. In 1954, a suspension bridge (below) was constructed. Today, the Park Service tightly controls foot traffic over this creaky bridge...only two people are allowed on the bridge at once...which can lead to some queues at both ends.

After our visit to Point Bonita, we drove into Sausalito for lunch at our favorite waterfront restaurant--Paradise Cove. We got a perfect table right on the water, looking out at the sailboats.

On the drive home, I spotted this rickety old VW van being carried home to roost in San Francisco.

I also had to share this shot of Matthew catching a cat nap as we sat in a tiny bit of bridge traffic.

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sattvicwarrior said...

all the years ive lived here i have NEVER been there..
[ or my timing is off].
your pics of the monterey bay aquarium inspiried me . if ya wana check out the LINK below you might find it cool/. i even wrote the MUSIC to it.