Friday, June 29, 2007

If God ran a deli...

No trip to NYC would be complete without a hot pastrami sandwich (on rye, of course) from the Stage Deli. Our friend Chris introduced us to the Stage Deli several visits ago, and we've been ever time since. Now, Jeff prefers the hefty chicken salad sandwich...but for my money, this piled-high pastrami delight is pure sandwich perfection.

We actually had a few delightful meals yesterday, our first "free day" in NY. We also visited with Cheryl and Curt and last visit to their apartment before they move into their exciting renovated co-op along the East River. We got a chance to see the new digs pre-renovation...with a side trip to the roof-top deck, which on warm NY days will make them the envy of all their friends. Cheryl and Curt took us to the cozy John's Pizza near their apartment. We sat out back and shared a REALLY nice bruschetta pizza from a wood oven. Really really hit the spot.

After leaving them to tuck Loren in for the evening, Jeff and I strolled down 1st Ave. to pass by the United Nations buildings. We had not seem the UN before...and the complex isn't that "impressive" from the street...but you can get a sense of the grand things that go on inside.

After resting our tired feet a bit, we ended our day with a few drinks at a lounge called Therapy. Hip music. Hip decor. A fun time...and we could actually sit...bonus. After our Therapy session, the temperatures were too lovely not to walk back to our hotel...not a short walk, but worth it. We found a Ray's Pizza along the way and stopped in for a slice.

A cool shower and soft bed felt REALLY good after a long day of walking.

One curiosity for the day. While we were in SOHO, we did run across the Apple store, where a couple hundred (maybe?) people were camped out waiting for the release of the new iPhone. It was like a scene from Let's Make a Deal...everyone dressed up with signs trying to get noticed by the swarming news cameras. I'm sure the place was a TOTAL zoo by 6pm when the phone went on sale.

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