Sunday, August 13, 2006

Attack of the one-shoe crazy woman...

There is a reason that I haven't replaced my eight year old car...because there are too many stupid people. Case in point...

This evening, Jeff, Matthew and I were returning to the City from a leisurely afternoon hike in the Marin Headlands. We had just come off the Golden Gate Bridge, full of hope and happiness, when a crazy b**** merged her white Mustang into the side of my car.

We were moving slowly...BUT SHE MERGED INTO MY CAR. So, we pull over and out pops this crazed looking woman with one shoe on. She did very little other than hobble around the cars. As her passenger and I exchanged information...Helen declared that 'this calls for a cigarette'.

We finished our business, and Helen's daughter-in-law offered to drive, to which a defiant Helen cried 'the hell you will' and stumbled off on her one shoe to get back in the car.

This brought back memories of the crazy woman who totaled my PARKED car in college.


Kim said...

Oh no! I have visions of the crazed woman smashing your car while we played cards. Is it totaled? I am sorry that happened. I guess you need me to fly out to help you pick the right features for your new car......every car needs a ski condom. ;-)

CAPT_Sawyer said...

As I recall in college, your car was totaled but there were 3 more that were damaged - that is what happens when you cross the road and hit a line of parked cars at Warp 8.

Two words for you if you are buying a new car: Consumer Reports. And Don't buy whatever James has (although Consumer Reports will tell you to stay away from VWs).

She sounds like she was drunk. You should have called the cops. I hope you got all her insurance information. Is California "no fault"?

Was it hard to resist the urge to pummel her to death?

And where are the pictures of your car? Highly recommend you take some shots for insurance purposes.


Buddy said...

I was trying to remember the details I heard back in Blacksburg concerning the death of the college car when you Keith, Jeff, and some others lived in that house with the deck.

Was that the Datsun B210? and didn't you nickname that woman Lucy Loo? or I am just losing it?

I am glad the three of you were OK...sounds like an old proverb..."beware of the incoherent woman with one shoe"

Matthias said...

Too bad Jeff or Matthew didn't start snapping pictures. An accompanying photo would have been hilarious. Or better yet a video clip.

How do you live out there with all those weirdos???

In Michigan we just have to deal with cell-phone buying terrorists trying to blow up the Mackinac Bridge.

I'm afraid to ask what ski condom is... Sound like two activities that should be mutually exclusive.

BullBunky said...

Oh you guys are all so funny. I enjoy the comments more than my own story :)

Let me start right off and say that no, the car has only minor cosmetic damage. We were moving very slow in traffic, and she just scraped down the side. I'm kinda disappointed, because I would LOVE a new car!!

Yes, the "Lucy Loo" incident in college was far more dramatic. Yes, Buddy, it was a sporty burgundy Datsun B210. What a chick magnet that was.

I did get Helen's full information. Jeff ran around and snapped photos of the cars and her license plate for good measure. Matt even got a picture of Helen...but I felt that might be a BIT much to post on my blog.

Jeff and Matt both thought Helen was on smoething. I just think she was old and mentally unstable. Frankly, the cops don't respond in these minor incidents, and we had chicken spoiling in the car :)

And finally...Matt...Kim's 'ski condom' comment was the Audi sport feature that allows skis to slide into your trunk and into the passenger compartment through this elongated watertight pouch. Kim was on my Audi shopping trip and dubbed it the ski condom. A classic feature.

Kim said...

Sorry to have people questioning the "ski condom" feature of your car. That was one of my favorite memories sitting in the Audi dealership with you. :-) I am glad that it was only cosmetic damage. Damn shame you couldn't get a new car out of the event.

JamesF said...

Dude, you soooo need to post the pictures. This is an picture demanding post.

bobgirrl said...

Post the picture!!!