Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Glamour in San Diego...

Yes, I do live the life of luxury. The Doubletree in San Diego left VOSS water and chocolates next to my bed. Of course, I can't take the VOSS home to Jeff...because asses want to blow up planes with liquids masquerading as my backwash.

Anyhow...San Diego. A really pleasant evening here. I took a very nice stroll along the harbor and took some beautiful boat pictures (I hope). I'll try and get those posted tomorrow.

On scientific fronts, I did estimate that there are more flip flops per capita in San Diego than in any other major U.S. city. Granted, my research was limited to the bar at On the Border where I ate.

DAMN. Business travel is SO glamorous! But I do have my VOSS :)

So, my overheard quote of the day comes courtesy of a guy along the harborfront chatting up a woman. The only line I heard as I was passing by was "I just back from four years in Mexico," which would be sexy coming from a blonde, carefree surfer. Unfortunately, this guy looked like he was probably hiding out from drug enforcement officials.


JamesF said...

How sad is it now when I read flip flop I immediately think of opinion changing versus footwear.

Buddy said...

perhaps if you froze the VOSS ???

you could be our national test case...I'll call the media so they will be ready at the airport :-)

bobgirrl said...

Did you stop by the Boll Weevil???

BullBunky said...

James, yes, that is sad. But maybe this is just for us laid back Californians.

Buddy, as always, your ingenuity frightens me. My goal in air travel is to get noticed as little as possible. Of course, they keep coming up with new ways to annoy me!!

And bobgirrl, no, not on this trip. I was near it, but had other destinations. But yes, I WILL make it and take a yummy photo.