Monday, August 28, 2006

Well...I stepped in poop...

There are three types of people that I would vote off the planet without hesitation. No, these are not the stupid people, because frankly, they mean well. And its not the evil people, because we're already after them anyway.

No, its the rude people. Because they just don't care. These are the folks who:
  1. Leave dog poop on the sidewalk
  2. Spit chewing gum on the sidewalk
  3. Throw trash on the ground.
Yep, these are the folks that irritate me each and every day. The ones that just don't care if they ruin my day by making me SLIP ON DOG DOO AND LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT. (Yes, it was a slimy pile!)


The stupid are just funny. Like the Starbucks barrista I overheard today telling his coworker, "I have already lost three fingernails today." What would we do without life's court jesters?


JamesF said...

Voting people off the planet?

I thought this blog was all about the postive side of life?

CAPT_Sawyer said...

In my world, people who spit gum on the sidewalk, left dog crap on the sidewalk, and litter would be shot in the head. Maybe for a first offense I'd let them be caned. Then shot for a second offense.

We'd also have no more dollar bill (we'd have $1 and $2 coins), we'd have no more penny, we'd be on the metric system...shall I go on?

Life's better in my world - much more orderly. Come join me. Resistance is futile.

Buddy said...

that must have been unpleasant...

I would add to your list those who wait in line for 12 minutes to place their coffee order...then when they reach the counter they look at the menu like they have never seen it before and begin asking a million senseless questions ...and then complain about the cost of their coffee...

dog poop is worse though!