Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The organic hot dog conundrum...

Today is an amazing day in San Francisco--a perfect day made even better by the Tuesday farmers' market at the Ferry Building. I was tempted by the smells of Prather Ranch's open grill, and decided to try their organic, sustainable, humane hot dogs. Yes, they were quite good...and guilt-free?

I bought a few summer items for dinner this week, including some BEAUTIFUL heirloom tomatoes and a couple of summer squash.

And then I topped off the lunch hour with a smooth latte from Blue Bottle Coffee.


[FYI, I failed to report the OPPOSITE of guilt-free dishes. It was reported to me that a join in Oakland called Spettro serves up a peanut butter, bacon, and cheddar pizza.]


Buddy said...

I understand the organic and sustainable, but humane???

What do they do tell the pigs that they are sacrificing for the greater good...that an engineer might have to eat an apple or worse yet and empty hot dog bun :-) or do they play 'Charlottes's Web' on the big screen while slowly removing all the oxygen in the room.

I like heirloom tomatoes a lot to. We had a 3 year research project in Vermont evaluating yield, disease, etc. of 11 heirloom varieties against a hybrid control. Two of the varieties performed better than the control over all three years (Moskvich and Green Zebra).

BullBunky said...

Well, I belive that the idea was that the beef was KILLED humanely. Not that the end result is any better for the cow.

And as for the heirloom tomatoes...I just think they taste good :)

Hmmmm, science is yummy.

bobgirrl said...

OMG, are you serious about the pizza. I have to check this out. Like. Right. Now.

bobgirrl said...


I just looked this place up on gawgle and they no longer serve the pizza. Must cry now.

BullBunky said...

Hmmmm, that's very odd. Maybe its a "special". I checked out an on-line review (some Citysearch-type thing) and saw the pizza mentioned. How strange. Sorry!!

TafDavenport said...

Spettro is the restaurant in Oakland which serves peanut butter pizza, and as far as I know they still do. If for some reason they've updated their menu, I recommend going and asking for it, as they often serve things no longer on the menu.

They are at 3355 Lakeshore Avenue, have no corkage fees, and have a passable house wine that they serve free to you if you have to wait for a table.

I heart them very much. Thinking about that pizza makes me sad to no longer live there. In fact, I'm going to try to make that pizza tonight.