Sunday, September 24, 2006

Racing and bosoms...

I learned two totally unrelated (and useless) factoids this weekend.

First, I learned that there is in fact a Daytona 500 Fragrance for Men. Available today at your local CVS. Hints of musk and new car scent, I would suspect. For those special occasions when rubbing the tiny hanging pine tree all over your body just won't do!

And second, I read an odd story from Reuters of a 74 year old Finnish man who sued a couple for "extortionate overcharging". It seems the man paid the couple $32,000 over the course of 10 visits to fondle the wife's breasts. The judge ruled in favor of the elderly man, saying that "Based on general life experience alone, it is indisputably clear that a [$32,000] charge is disproportionate to the compensation in question." OUCH!

1 comment:

bobgirrl said...

Those must have been some seriously big big bres-a-ses.