Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Daughter of Helen...

As you might recall from a few weeks ago, I met a new friend Helen when she merged her white Mustang into my car. Well, today, I met Helen's daughter, who TRIED to merge her white Scion in my car as she cut over abruptly to make a turn. There were TWO right turn lanes, but Helen Jr. decided that my lane was the shortest route. So I sounded my horn as I broke hurriedly. Helen Jr.'s response was to laugh uncontrollably with her passenger, who even threw her outstretched arms through the sunroof in victorious 'woo hoooo!!' fashion.

So, with drivers getting dumber each day as we lower the intellectual bar for operating a moving weapon, WHY is it that we allow our out-of-town tourists to rent THESE death mobiles?

Could we leave these folks more exposed to the impatient and clueless? Is this how we plan to thin the herd?


Buddy said...

It is really funny what people will do inside of a car as opposed to outside of it.

On more than one occassion I have run into people who made rather rude hand gestures from inside their car while driving ....walking in the parking lot later on in the day.

Lets just say that once they were outside of their plastic, glass, metal bubble they were a bit more sheepish.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

You need a photon torpedo launcher installed. Blowing the back end off of their car would have made a bit of an impression.


bobgirrl said...

OMG, I loathe those things. I have a friend who lives on Lombard between Polk and Larkin. You know that HUGE hill, right? Well, there has been more than one instance of some idiot trying to take one of those things up the hill. Let's just say they can't get it up.

BullBunky said...

Oh, a movie of those guys on that hill would worthy of many a You Tube download!!