Sunday, September 10, 2006

A year and a blog...

Today is the 1st birthday for Travel and tribulations..., and I thought I might reflect back on what I've seen and done over the past 365 days in the World of Blogger. I began the year with this photo of Old Crooked Head and have posted 243 entries since!

Looking back, I fumbled around for a few weeks trying to figure out what would hold my interest. I quickly settled into a groove of posting photos from day trips, business trips, and holidays. If you read back, you'll see pictures from Venice, Paris, London, New York, LA, Las Vegas, San Diego, Seattle, DC, Richmond, San Antonio, Muskegon, St. Michaels, Colorado Springs, Anaheim, Chicago, Denver, Philadelphia, San Simeon and the Loire Valley.

You've seen our garden--the product of Jeff and my sweat and passion. You've seen RAIN (lots of rain) and fog and sun and snow and hail. You saw Yoda.

I've shared tasty treats. Chili dogs and deep fried twinkies. Ricciarelli from Siena. Sweet potato biscuits. Hamburgers and mojitos. Clementines. BLTs. French crepes. Whippi Dip. Tiramisu. U.S. 31 BBQ. Fresh blue crabs. Homemade Christmas cookies. Smoked turkey, bacon, and monterey jack paninis. Huevos rancheros. And who can forget the Red Velvet Bingles!!

We said goodbye to dear friends and family. Revisiting the photos I posted for Louise, Sallie, and Nancy just remind me how much I still miss them.

Jeff and I welcomed visitors to our home--Matthew, Curt and Cheryl, Brian and Alison, Cheryl, Paolo. We shared visits with family.

You followed me through an exploration of graffiti and the industrial side of San Francisco.
I shared an odd string of unrelated poop stories.

But let's not forget the most popular storyline of the past year: Elena and the spam of the decade. In February, we all met my love-struck Russian pen-pal Elena, who took us all on a two month whirlwind ride of emotion and intrigue. By May, the "relationship" went south, since I wouldn't profess my love, purchase Elena a visa, and send her cash to meet me in the U.S.

What a blog year!


JamesF said...

Umm, no mention of Bacon? I mean seriously, where's the pandering? :-)

Patte said...

This entry is as fascinating as the Strangers Among Us...I am new to the BLog world and going to settle in with a cappucino (cooler did not sound as cool) and be a voyuer for a while...thanks

Buddy said... has been a great year reading your blog...Travels and Tribulations started me on a reconnection path with old friends and new.


BullBunky said...

James: Technically I did (in the BLTs), but you make a good point. Not sure where my head was.

Patte: Thank you. Its always nice to meet new blog friends.

And Buddy: Yeah, it has been fun, huh? This small sense of community from this great distance. Love it.

JamesF said...

Plus, I went back and read the first entry.

We were promised lots of cat pictures. I can't remember the last time I saw a cat picture. I want to see some pudty tats.

bobgirrl said...

Happy 1st birthday! (a little late)

James, I saw mention of BACON (or perhaps it was added after your comment).

But BB, you forgot to mention the Bol Weevil!

BullBunky said...

True, but I'm saving the Bol Weevil for my first reeal visit...cub reporter on duty.