Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What happened to Milan?...

It occurred to me that after all of my postings on London, Paris, the Loire Valley, and Venice, that I never did post any photos from our overnight stay in Milan. Well, this vomiting fountain from the front of the main train station (Milano Centrale) pretty much sums up my love of Milan :) [You have to remember that Milan has always been our stop before or after tiny, romantic unfair comparison.]

Now, I'm sure that Milan has many charming features, but on our third trip trough the city, the charm still escaped me. But Milan is a big city, brimming with life. We happened upon Milan right at the beginning of the World Cup, and got to witness the shared experience of watching soccer on the big screen with a thousand of your closest friends.

Still, at its heart, there is no doubt that Milan exudes style and design. The shopping is a laundry list of famous labels. Even the subway is decked out in Italian style.

And of course, you can't visit Milan without stopping to see its most famous structure: the gothic Duomo di Milano. On our last visit to Milan (with Curt and Cheryl), we toured the maze-like roof, where you can walk among the spires. On this visit, we ventured inside the Duomo. It is truly breathtaking.


JamesF said...

Very very very cool pictures.

In the castle shot I like how the perspective point ends up in the center and off the top of image.

In the image with PRADA in it, is PRADA on a mirror or simply glass?

And how did you get that last shot to come out so nice in the low indoor lighting?

BullBunky said...

Thanks, James. So with the PRADA image, that is in fact a reflection. The PRADA sign is black, and the reflection is the ceiling of that incredible building.

With the interior of the Duomo, Jeff and I both took several photos that were blurry, because the lighting was SO low. But on this one, I just set it flat and used a time exposure.