Saturday, November 04, 2006


Buster (pictured) and Dobie seem to have a sixth sense for open doors. They can be sleeping peacefully downstairs, Jeff or I can quietly open the door to the upstairs balcony, and inevitably they are outside within two minutes.

Same with the basement and garden doors. This afternoon, Jeff and I were carrying bags of river rocks from the basement to our upstairs lightwell (more on that project tomorrow). On one trip up, we left the doors open for no longer than 2-3 minutes. Sure enough, Buster quickly made his way to the backyard...all the way to the back wall.

In this photo, he innocently looks back at me, as if to say "Oh, hi. I was just waiting for you. How did I get all the way out here? Please assist me back to the house. You're my hero. I almost missed my afternoon nap."

Oh, Old Crooked Head. I can't stay upset...he's too damn sweet...and sleeping next to me now as I type this update :)

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