Saturday, November 18, 2006

Its always something...

Well, Jeff and I arose early this morning (5am to be precise) to head to the airport...bound for Richmond. Check-in couldn't have been quicker, and security was only slightly longer, so we had plenty of time to buy a few magazines and the requisite latte before boarding.

No luck getting an upgrade...these 500-mile vouchers are utterly useless. But Jeff and I had fine seats.

Now, when the pilot comes on and announces that they are rebooting the computer to try and fix 'something odd', you know that you're being set up for a delay. When the pilot comes back on and tells you that they are going to try shutting all power down on the plane--rebooting the plane--then you know it will be a good delay.

Sooooo, we arrived at Dulles quite late, and just barely made our connection. Our luggage did not.

Its now 2am, and we've given up waiting. Our lugage should be here 'before 8am' accoring to the phone update.

On the plus side...we had a delightful family evening. Goodnight :)

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