Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Breaking in a new camera...

Sooooo, I broke down before Christmas and picked up a new digital SLR that I had been eyeing. Frankly, its a bit intimidating, because I haven't shot with an SLR in over three years. I've been enjoying the spontaneity of my little sub-compact camera, which I am in the habit of carrying EVERYWHERE. Nevertheless, I am trying to improve my people photography skills, and for that, I really want the power and speed of an SLR. (Of course, I will still continue to carry the small camera as well.)

I took shot #1 in Michigan on Christmas Eve. And, of course, it was out of focus. Sigh. But overall, I'm pleased with the nimbleness of the camera. Now I have to learn what all those buttons do :) Keep in mind that my last SLR was a manual Nikon that I bought in college...it served me well, but boy was it simple!


JamesF said...

Were the seagulls shot number one? Because that looks like a really nice shot to me.

Also, when posting pictures, please please please remove the "-h" from the referring link. Yes, I know you have to edit the html to do it, but trust me it makes it so much nicer for people that click through images. It's the difference between seeing the entire image and having to scroll around.

BullBunky said...

Hmmmmm, I wondered why the larger image didn't resize automatically. Great, one more thing to do :)

And no, that is not image #1. I took the seagull picture this weekend in San Francisco.