Monday, January 01, 2007

Home again, home again, jiggity jig...

Happy New Year, my dear family and friends. Jeff and I returned home yesterday from a week in Michigan with his family. The week truly sped by...much like the rest of December.

We flew into Chicago the Friday evening before Christmas, and drove straight to Muskegon to arrive at 1am. No snow in sight--it was relatively warm all week--so the drive was smooth sailing. Along the way, we got in the holiday spirit by listening to all-Christmas radio stations as we hopped from Illinois to Indiana to Michigan.

On Saturday, we did last-minute shopping...mainly picking up fun odds and ends for stockings. Those have always been one of my family's big traditions, and I've tried to build fun-filled stockings for Jeff's family. The kids definitely loved theirs!

Christmas and days that followed were filled with family, food, and general relaxing. We watched tons of DVDs that people received as gifts. We introduced Jeff's family to Rummikib. We did an IMAX film in Grand Rapids. We even managed to celebrate a few January birthdays early.

On Friday, Jeff and I drove to Lansing and met up with his friends Matt and Nick from Detroit. Not only did we enjoy the visit, but we also got to test out my new Garmin Nuvi GPS that Jeff gave me for Christmas. We've named it "Emily" after the units British female voice. Emily got us there and back again, and even found a Starbucks for us along the way.

Saturday, Jeff, Emily, and I drove back late to Chicago for our early morning flight the next day. Emily proved her worth by automatically locating traffic and rerouting us--we had our doubts, but she was right. Somewhere along the way--probably from the kids--Jeff picked up a cold, but we managed to meet up with his friend Paolo for a delicious Italian dinner before he totally succumbed to illness. On the plus side, we did get upgraded on the flight home, which made Jeff a bit more comfortable.

Nevertheless, we arrived home a bit run down from such a full week. I made some hearty chicken enchiladas for dinner with our friend Chris, and we rang in the New Year in front of the fireplace.


bobgirrl said...

Please tell Jeff that alcohol kills germs.

JamesF said...

I want to see a photo from the D200!

Kim said...

I am so happy you have your own GPS now. At least yours has a nice voice - not the girl with the marbles in her mouth that Paul has for his car. Happy New Year!

BullBunky said...

Well, Kim, it was definitely our James River drive with you that inspired this gift :) We still laugh about driving in the middle of the field and your GPS advising us to u-turn every 20 ft.

Frank Lee said...

Bullbunk, please send me Emily's pic from Clara's with the four of us. Thanks!