Wednesday, January 31, 2007


So, I alluded to our new GPS navigation helper who we have named "Emily" after her lilting British accent. Other than our test runs at Christmas, we haven't done any long roadtrips, so we've taken to trying to fool Emily as we drive around the City. We plug in obscure destinations and then mock Emily as she tries to take off our "normal" route.

Still, Emily is patient when we ignore her directions. "Recalculating..." she announces calmly after each missed turn.

I was thinking that you could really have some fun with programming a GPS personality...particularly the NAG that berates you when you miss a turn. "Didn't I tell you to turn left? Why don't you just figure it out yourself, genius." :)

No, not our Emily. She is sweet. And she seems to know where every Starbucks in the world is!! What more can you ask for?

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CAPT_Sawyer said...

One of those things tried to kill me in Germany. "Turn right and proceed over the bridge". However, the bridge was out. We had to turn left to avoid plunging through the fence and into the water and it said, "At the earliest opportunity please make a legal u-turn." It wanted to kill us but also make sure we didn't get a ticket first.