Sunday, September 30, 2007

Change of seasons...

The signs of seasonal change in SF are a bit more subtle than in a four-season climate. But one sure sign is when the summer colors are removed from urban flower beds and replaced with "fall colors". Appropriately, the flower bed pictured above is situated between a Starbucks, Peets, and Tully's...all of which have removed their summer drinks with "fall drinks" of pumpkin.

Of course, you can always mark your calendars by the start of the fall TV season. At least one highlight for us...this week, we caught the season premier of "The Office", which has turned out be one of the most consistently enjoyable shows. (An up-and-coming second favorite is "30 Rock"...which I find amazingly funny.)

On Sunday afternoon, we ate lunch at the Park Chalet, where Golden Gate park meets Ocean Beach. This sunny restaurant is a recent expansion of the popular Beach Chalet. The Park Chalet has a very casual, festive feel...with breezy indoor and outdoor seating. This afternoon, there was a live jazz trio entertaining.

After lunch, we zipped across the street to the beach to see the crowd enjoying the late afternoon sun. I particularly liked the tie-dye salesman (below) with his "magic bus".


JamesF said...

I love the shot of the woman watching the kites. Why isn't that a shot on Strangers? Or are you going to double dip that shot?

And I agree, "The Office" is great.

BullBunky said...

Well, for one thing...Strangers was FULL this weekend. And for another...I really liked how this image helped my story here. But perhaps it will make an appearance on Strangers.

My favorite line from The Office this week, was after Michael had hit Meredith and was moping about how everyone hated him: "She isn't even one of the popular ones!"