Sunday, September 16, 2007

A week in two parts...

Tonight, the aroma of a slow-roasting savory pot roast is wafting through the house, we're planning our October vacation, and a cool breeze is setting off our wind chimes. Quiet Sunday evenings are the perfect time to reflect on the week past...and wonder where the time flew.

Catching up a bit. Last Sunday, we took a drive with our friend Paolo up to Napa to walk around St. Helena, have lunch in Rutherford, and taste wines along the Silverado Trail. It was the maiden voyage of Jeff's new Audi A4--a classy 'quartz grey'--which we picked up on Saturday.

Tuesday, I flew to Seattle for two nights. I returned to the convenient Seattle Hilton, which is directly across from my team's client office.

Dinner the first night was my usual fun dinner at Two Bells with Jeff--the burgers were particularly good Tuesday. Jeff had to dart off to the airport to pick up his visiting mother, so I switched in Jeff and Molly...two friends of MY Jeff at home in San Francisco. (Anyone confused?) Jeff and Molly and I shared a fine bottle at the Local Vine wine bar.

Dinner #2 was at a cozy local Belltown eatery called Restaurant Zoe...there were no Jeffs involved that evening. I had an amazing wild boar pasta addition to the fine company of my local team who found this little gem of a restaurant.

I did snap this very hazy (and blue) shot of Mt. St. Helens on the way north. I thought it was cool in spite of the poor quality.

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