Sunday, September 30, 2007


This week, I spent a few short days in northern Virginia. As with most of my trips to VA recently, I ended up spending most of my time working virtually with west coast folks. Nevertheless, I did get to catch up with some of my coworkers from across the country. I always enjoy that camaraderie.

An unexpected highlight of the trip was an invitation to watch an MLS soccer game at RFK Stadium. The matchup was D.C. United hosting Chivas USA. (I don't pretend to fully understand the story, but it seems that Chivas is a former Mexican team from Guadalajara that was transplanted to Los Angeles...kinda like the Baltimore Colts packing up and moving Indianapolis, Mexico.) Anyhow, my work buddies Josh and Mark--in the center of the photo below--invited me to join them and another of their season ticket friends to see the game, which was chock full of energy, sound, and color.

(Thanks guys!!)

As James mentioned in one of his posts this week, I did get to VA a day earlier than anticipated and was able to visit with James and Ginger a bit out at the Estate. The TV may have been un-notable, but I sure appreciated the conversation. Oh, and yes, I did get to try out their Wii, and play some Wii Sports bowling and baseball. I certainly wasn't a NATURAL at either game, but what an innovative wonder they are flying off the shelves.

Unfortunately, the McLean Hilton--like most hotels I seem to land in--can be a bit sterile. Now...if they would just put a Wii in every room!!

By the way, a note to United Airlines and their advertising partner NBC: "You have already reduced the size of aircraft to fill every last seat, made upgrades nearly impossible to find, and even taken away the tiny bag of "party mix" you served with drinks. At least provide me with distracting entertainment. That does NOT mean producing an in-flight show advertising NBC's exciting fall lineup...and then showing it three times during the flight. That just pisses me off, and it still won't make me watch "Chuck"...which you showed 2.5-times during the flight."

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