Monday, September 10, 2007

Oh the humanity...

I received a lovely letter from After Hours Formalwear today--actually an "attempt to collect a debt--informing me that the tuxedo I rented for my brother's wedding had not been returned and that I was being assessed a $10/day late charge.

[Before I proceed...the backstory: I rented the tux in California, picked it up in Michigan, and Cliff's in-laws returned it in Indiana along with his tux. I informed all stores along the way of this plan.]

Soooo, I called the friendly store helper in Michigan, and she confirmed that the tux was not in her system, nor in her store. Then I called Indiana, and they told me the same thing. But both stores said they would "look into it".

Minutes later, I received a call back from Michigan saying that they had found the shirt and pants and vest, but there was no sign yet of the jacket or shoes. They said to call back in a couple of days, and they would keep looking.

To me, this is like stumbling on a bloody crime scene, with dismembered tuxedo parts strewn across the room. CSI is trying to determine which parts go with which tux.

I hope the tux didn't suffer.

So, if you see a jacket or shoes matching this photo--dare I say it...HANDSOME photo--please call your local police.

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JamesF said...

I saw the jacket, but not the shoes. Pretty sure I saw the jacket was in the previous post.

At $10 a day, how much are you up to at this point?