Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kick me...

Perhaps my senses are heightened (or deadened) when I fly, but I seem to pick out the oddest people. Today's example...on my flight to Seattle.

No sooner had I gotten settled into my comfy aisle seat...in the exit row, thank you...when an unassuming woman approaches my row and says "I need to sit in this seat. I'm sorry."

My suspicious reply: "Where is your seat?"

Her reply in troubled English: "Window seat. But I need to sit here. I'm sorry."

So, what the hell. I'm a nice guy. She seemed innocent enough. I figured she was with a partner or group and needed to talk during the flight. I've got my iPod...I'm fine wherever...although I specifically pick aisle seats, because I like to get up and use the restroom without announcing my mid-flight bladder status to strangers.

So. Did the woman get up once during the flight? No. Speak with anyone across the aisle? No. In fact, she slept peacefully through the flight...except for when I had to go to the restroom and had to wake her.

Thank GOODNESS she didn't have to sleep in her assigned seat!

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