Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Buckle chuckle...

My all-time favorite airline word is "buckle". My fascination dates back to the classic United on-board safety video with the reassuring blond flight attendant with the 80s hair. (She must have been horrified when United continued to show this video until about 2005...although not as horrified as the female passenger with the 80s hairspray frizz!!) favorite line has always been the instructions for the low-IQ passengers about how to release the seat belt: "Just lift the buckle." But I've seen the video 100 times, and the word "buckle" always makes me smile.

Can you believe I've wasted precious Blogger storage space on THAT story?

Oh yes...the must-have gift of the season from the Sky Mall catalog: the TimeMug. "The world's first and only 100% dishwasher safe, time-telling drinkware." Available with rhinestones, FYI, for that special sweetheart gift. You can just imagine the Chinese container ships loading up with this baby!

(Although I am fascinated by the table lamp that is also a slide projector. #1 how niche a market is that? And #2 who would $250 for it?)

By the way, I think the chatty female retiree next to me is stoned. She smells like the dorm room nextdoor in college.

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