Thursday, November 22, 2007


Its time to stand united and eliminate a ridiculous phrase from the common vernacular..."doorbuster" in "arrive at the crack-of-dawn for amazing doorbuster specials".

It appears that the Kohls department stores win the post-Thanksgiving early-bird prize...they are opening at 4am Friday. 4am!!!! Honestly, what cheap, Chinese-made 'doorbuster' is worth getting up at that hour?

Charge me twice as much...I'm still sleeping...and digesting pumpkin pie. :)


GingerF said...

I ranted about the 4am thing myself. It's not just Kohls either. Jac Pennes is doing it also. Ginger says she heard some stores opened Thursday at 9PM (now that one I could get behind, because it's at least a reasonable hour).

GingerF said...

Despite what it looks like Ginger didn't do a Seinfeld and refer to herself in the third person, I posted the comment from her computer forgetting it wouldn't show up as me.


BullBunky said...

James, nice to see JCP right in the fray :) I don't think we have either Kohls or JCP in our immediate we were safe this morning.

As for the previous day or midnight openings...yes, I certainly like the times better...but can't people take ONE day off from spending?

JamesF said...

Bullbunky: but can't people take ONE day off from spending?

Are you a communist or something? :-)