Sunday, November 25, 2007


We had dinner tonight at of our favorite spots in SF. Tonight was notable, because we met up with some friends of Jeff--Brad and Brian--who had recently moved to SF. (We also ran into our SF friends Chris and CP while eating...small world.) The meal was extra special, because our delightful waitress Shannon was able to get us two off-the-menu items: BLTs and a prawn tempura with avocado and garlic aioli. She was bubbly and wonderful.

But the funny part of the story was when we were politely asked by the maitre de to move to a new table, because the restaurant owner was coming in, and we were at his favorite table. We moved...FYI, no free drinks or deserts offered by the maitre de to offset the disruption. Then we watched as the table sat empty for 15-20min. Finally, the owner's three-person entourage arrived first...and then sat for 30min waiting for the owner to grace the world with his presence.

I'm sorry...that's just not how you treat your loyal customers! I'm not even sure if that's how you treat your DIS-loyal customers.

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bobgirrl said...

That is no way to treat ANY customers. At the very least you should have been given a free round of drinks or desserts, but frankly you shouldn't have been asked to move. He can wait an hour.