Friday, November 23, 2007

Day 7 photos in Amsterdam...

Hurray...we've made it to the halfway point on Europe photos!! This is day 7...Sunday/Zondag, October 28...a classic fall day in Amsterdam. The sun peeked in and out today...for a little photo variety. (Relive the original trip notes HERE.)

Our wandering for the day took us past the Anne Frank House...again...with extra long lines. (We made it inside later in the afternoon...but no pics allowed.) But you will see the gray Dam Square again, contrasted with the beautiful Flower Market. And don't overlook the whimsical view of the two-level restaurant window.

Midway through our day, we visited the Willet-Holthuysen Museum...a historic 17th century Amsterdam canal house. This one did allow for a few interior shots.

Afterwards, we would our way back through Dam Square to the train station, and its jam-packed bicycle parking deck. A truly amazing sight...especially for us car-hungry Americans. (Although, to be could we do our post-Thanksgiving shopping with only a bicycle!! MUST... FIND... DOORBUSTER... SALES!!)

Here is a window-sample of the Royal Delft style I mentioned in my original entry. This classic look is ubiquitous in Amsterdam's shops.

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Kim said...

Do you watch The Amazing Race? Last week they showed an episode in Amsterdam where they had to find bicycles in a lot that looked just like this one. It is a site to see. Keep posting photos!