Sunday, November 11, 2007

Day 2 photos from Germany...

Here are some of the highlight photos from our second day in Germany (Tuesday/Dienstag, Oct 23) and our drive to the Roman city of Trier in the Mosel Valley. The trip details are in the blog entry HERE. Our day began with a drive through windmill-dotted fields, with a lunch break in Idar-Oberstein with its church embedded in the hillside.

Trier is a tourist mecca, with its Roman structures scattered through modern streets and squares.

The #1 Roman site in Trier is the 2nd-century Porta Nigra.

Next we visited the adjoining Cathedral and Church of our Lady.

The Roman Basilica is a fascinating blend of the original 2nd-century structure, with add-ons across the centuries.

Finally, we circled the ruins of the expansive Roman baths.

It was a FULL day, to be sure.


JamesF said...

I love how you can compose unique views of ordinary images into interesting shots. I wish I could do that with my photos more often.

Sherie said...

Gorgeous photos! As usual... I'm glad you had a good birthday trip!