Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Day 6 photos in Amsterdam...

Funny thing about Amsterdam. Most of the museums that we went in did not allow for photography, soooooo, most of the photos across our three days look rather similar. Lots of outdoor shots of canals, people, and bicycles. With a few variations.

Amongst the shots in this post (all from Saturday/Zatentag, October 27...text recap HERE) are images of lines at the Anne Frank House, canals and shops in the Jordaan neighborhood, colorful graffiti, and protesters in Dam Square (rallying against the crack-down on hallucinogenic mushrooms, fyi). My favorite shop name in Amsterdam ("Shirts and Cappuccino"). And of course, a pic that Jeff took of me and a stuffed rat...cheers.

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JamesF said...

Is that Phil Collins in that last shot?