Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Day 1 photos from Germany...

Here are some of the highlight photos from our first day (Monday/Montag, Oct 22) and our first drive along the Rhine. You can read all the gory details from my blog entry HERE. First up was the well-restored Burg Rheinstein, with its stunning, sunny views of the Rhine valley.

Our first German lunch in the tiny town of Trechtingshaus. A fantastic autumn view of the Rhine, and our very first schnitzels.

Then it was the crumbling walls and dark ratholes of the Burg Rheinfels...young Keegan's definite favorite.

Here are a few nighttime photos from the picturesque town of Bacharach, where we ate dinner at the cozy Weinhaus Altes Haus.

Along the way down the Rhine, we caught glimpses of other monuments and castles and tiny towns. A beautiful autumn day along the Romantic Rhine.

I will admit a childish fascination with all the roadsigns containing "fahrt" in them. Yes, it made me chuckle...but I promise I got it out of my system on day one :)

And of my favorite bits of castle whimsy. This is the urinal at Burg Rheinfels.


JamesF said...

Cool pictures.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

GREAT Pictures!!!

You know how I love castles.