Thursday, November 15, 2007

Day 3 photos from Germany...

This day-at-a-time method of picture posting is working quite nicely, although I'm still not exactly keeping up :) Anyhow, this set includes highlights from our third day in Germany (Wednesday/Mittwoch, Oct 24). The journal details for this day are in the blog entry HERE.

You'll notice that the images today take a more "artistic" turn...or at least whimsical...which is a typical as I get to know a place. On this day, we took a drive along the Rhine, starting in the town of Rudenstein. From this bank of the Rhine, we could get new views of the two castles from Day 1...Burgs Rheinstein and Rheinfels.

Lunch was in the town of Braubach, where our restaurant had its very own water wheel.

High above Braubach was the cozy Marksburg Castle, complete with frisky mountain goats and a torture chamber...both of which tickled Keegan.

We strolled around the river-side town of Boppard, and then had dinner in St. Goar. The well-lit castles hovered above the towns below.


JamesF said...

The castle shots are cool because, well, castles are cool.

I really like the black and white waterwheel shot (if that is a picture of the waterwheel).

And it's neat to see you continuing your graffiti series even when in another country.

BullBunky said...

Thanks for the compliments :) And yes, that is a waterwheel.