Sunday, July 29, 2007

Back from the edge...

My meltdown from last night has cooled dramatically. My conference was enlightening, and I met some really cool coworkers with whom I had not worked.

Even better...this afternoon, I requested and received a room change. Its not an amazing room by any stretch, but MUCH improved. As is my mood. (FYI, I can tell you that I was clearly not the FIRST person to request a room change from the overly grumpy man at the front desk!)

It has been raining all afternoon since I returned from the conference, so this gave me a little down time to reflect on (and re-read) my drawn out rant from yesterday. I am (hopefully) going to close this gloomy chapter for now, but before I move on, I would like to reflect on words on the front page of the Royal Palm website:

"Luxury reigns supreme at the Royal Palm. Stay at our magnificent beachfront resort and drift into a dream land. Float up to cloud nine, where time stands still while you indulge in every decadence."

Note to the management of the Royal Palm: "I recommend a few bottles of carpet stain remover in your Cloud Nine housekeeping carts. Oh, and try hiring at least one person at your front desk who smiles." (It seems that quite a few reviews on Trip Advisor agree...steer clear!)

These photos are from my old room. I'm sorry, but a big brown spot next to the bed is just gross!!

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Buddy Tignor said...

If they were smart they would pay you to take down those stain pictures...gross!!

of course IF THEY WERE SMART the room would be clean to begin with.