Sunday, July 15, 2007

Buffalos in the mist...

This morning, Jeff, Matt, Chris, and I walked a 10K route through Golden Gate Park for the annual San Francisco AIDS Walk. The route was shrouded in a muggy coastal fog with nary a breeze for most of the walk. Quite unusal, really, since our fog is typically acompanied by pleasant offshose winds that keep our air fresh.

Still, in spite of the uncomfortable stuffiness, we did have a fun walk, broken up periodically by musical entertainment...and the famous, out-of-place buffalo paddock. The stand-out entertainer was a one-woman steel drum performance. When we passed this brave woman, she was enthusiastically banging out the song 'Tequila' (of Pee-Wee Herman fame). Each time the lyric tequila came around in the song, this tiny, stright-laced performer would belt it out with great enthusaism. (I think I caught the 'eeee' in te-queeeeeee-la in the photo below.)

I actually didn't snap many shots today, but this odd stranger sitting on top of a tree certainly caught my eye!

After the AIDS Walk, we drove up to Sausalito for brunch. As we returned to the city, the fog was playing with the Golden Gate Bridge, so we drove up into the Marin Headlands for a perfect vista.


JamesF said...

I really like that last shot.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

Great pictures, as usual. As much as it pains me to admit James is correct about anything ;-) I have to agree that the last picture is quite good. That is a keeper.