Monday, July 23, 2007

Odd timing...

I was sitting on the plane this morning, waiting for the doors to close for my flight to Dulles, when a text message arrived from United. My response:

"Dear United. Thank you so much for alerting me to my 30-minute delay AFTER I boarded my flight. Funny thing...the Captain told us it was a 45-minute delay. You may wish to speak with him. "

In a related issue...anyone wanna take bets on whether the two kids [approx. 5 and 3] sitting next to me can sit calmly for 5 hours? (Hint: the tickling has already started.)


Your favorite Boozer said...

Stop tickling the kids sitting next to you

ikanbilis said...

i remember my flight with united from Paris to DC and DC to Paris. bleh.