Saturday, July 28, 2007

Thoughts that occupy the idle mind...

On my way to Miami today...yes, on a Saturday. I have never been to a conference that began on the weekend...but thank goodness they are rare.

On the plus side, airports are light on Saturday, and except for a two and a half hour delay in Denver, the trip was pleasant.

My amusement of the day comes from a piece of fax spam I picked up on a little-used fax machine near my office. Like my voice mail at home, this fax was piled with useless messages...nothing remotely important...or even real.

My favorite was an "urgent" message from "human resources" with final details on vacation packages available to "all employees". The message had been sent multiple times, and was clearly fake...but still cleverly ended with a confidentiality notice: "If you are not the intended adressee, please notify the sender immediately and delete this message."

I wonder if I can keep these faxes for a year and then charge the spammer for a box of paper? I am soooooo tempted to call the 800-number and report their innocent error :)

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