Saturday, July 28, 2007


A quick update.

Landed at MIA at 1:30 am. United sprung for one free in-flight glass of wine, which took the edge off lingering irritation. Taxi to the oceanfront Royal Palm "Resort" in Miami Beach. In room around 2:15 am. Checked in with Jeff...they saw Harry Potter tonight...I saw "Blades of Glory"...they win.

Long Saturday.

Let me just say that on first impression, the Royal Palm may very well be the WORST hotel I have stayed at in all of my business travels. If they do not move me to a decent room in the morning...I swear that I will post photos of every carpet stain, broken vent, and banged up wall on every travel review website I can find. This place is an expensive travesty and it caps off a TOTALLY SHITTY DAY!!!! I WANT TO BE HOME WITH MY SWEETIE!!!! THIS PLACE SUCKS!!!!

I sure hope there is a Starbucks nearby, or my Sunday is SHOT. Good night...uh...morning.

1 comment:

Kim said...

This whole trip sounds horrific! I hope Starbucks is close to your nasty hotel to make today better for you.

It always suprises me how airlines can continually treat people this way.

Good luck on your trip home!