Wednesday, July 18, 2007

E-4500-2079 to you too...

For all the advances in Internet technology, nothing has replaced the good ole cryptic 'screw you' error 'E-4500-2079' which I'm sure is French for 'kiss my a**'. an open letter to United, I write:

Dear United. I am sorry that you are "unable to retrieve fare information at this time." Can you please tell me when it would be convenient with you to sell me a ticket on your over-crowded planes with nutrient-rich snack boxes.
So, lest you think that I'm bitter this morning, or that the morning drizzle on my latte walk this morning (covered by the fictitious "umbrella in every guest room") has gotten me sour, let me share a pretty view from my room last night as the sun peeked through before setting.


JamesF said...

By any chance were you trying to access the website through multiple windows (multiple web browser windows on the same site).

BullBunky said...

No I was not.

Matthias said...


Actually Kiss my a** in French is
"embrassez mon âne."

However, I think that translates to E-4500-2079 in hexadecimal code.