Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fire and water...

Today, we spent a few hours kayaking down the lazy White River, which is north of Muskegon. Jeff's dad dropped us off at the Happy Mohawk Canoe Livery, and met us downstream. In between, we paddled through lush green terrain bounded by old hardwood trees loaded with birds. Freshly fallen trees in the river made for a twisted course. A chocolate lab named Dakota kept us busy at the takeout while we rested.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a dog of another style: chili dogs for lunch at the historic Dogs and Suds drive-up in Whitehall. Some cool rootbeer to wash it all down.

We finished the day with a crackling bonfire at Jeff's sister and brother-in-law's house. It took the chill off an unseasonably cool summer night.

Spotted ONE lone firefly!

1 comment:

Buddy said...

chilidogs and deepfried twinkis...sounds yummy, but you are going to need a prescription for Lipitor when you get back :-)