Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The return of the hummingbird (and other Muskegon memories)...

Our 4th-of-July week in Muskegon flew by in a blur of family time, graduation celebrating, grilling, pine cone collecting, and kayaking.

So, here are just a few random images from the week. The yummy ice cream from Whippi Dip. The decadent deep-fried Twinkie from the Muskegon art fair. A bird nest in a hanging fern at Jeff's parents' house. The drive-in hot dog diner--Dogs and Suds. And (of course) the requisite Independence Day fireworks shots over Muskegon Lake.

And yes, here is the previously mentioned "hummingbird pee" shot. And no, I don't really believe it is in-fact hummingbird pee. But SOMETHING shot through the frame in a very dramatic way. I have about 50-60 other shots with just the hummingbird....snooze. So, let me stick with my version of the story.

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Buddy said...

I love the rootbeer and deepfried twinkie shots. Americana at its very best.