Monday, July 10, 2006

Specialty meats...

I was editing this photo from a gallery window in Venice this evening, and it reminded me of our evening trip to the deli.

Let me start by reminding folks that I'm a proud carnivore, but I prefer to ignore the origins of the "constructed" meats I consume. For example, American sausages are usually A-OK, because the ingredients are not readily apparent.

But tonight at the deli...excuse me...the gourmet deli...we ran across a few items that threw me: "blood and tongue sausage" ("perfectly seasoned" read the label) and "Bavarian Headcheese" containing identifiable pork tongue in gelatin.

Not necessary :)

So, I am cleansing my palate with our favorite tiramisu from Venice: Ristorante Rosa Rossa.


Buddy said...

I think PETA would pay you handsomely for the chicken shot. Seriously, maybe you could donate it as a tax write off....

but then someone would catch you at a McDonalds and the gig would be up :-)

by the way...I think our little blog group here should start fun competition and post one photo of a (remotely known to significant others, kids, friends) person each week. what do you think??? We could each add a is mine if you are game :-) ...we could even start a group blog for this.

1. should be a new digging through archives (this rule protects me from myself).

BullBunky said...

Heh, you like my Ball-O-Chicken? :)

I think your group blog idea is really cool. I know it would push me to do some things I don't normally do. When you said it, I immediately thought "Stragers Among Us".

Buddy said...

lets do it then ;-)

I'll set up the blog this weekend. You already got the title. "Strangers Among Us." The rest will just be adding folks that want "in".

should be fun.