Monday, July 17, 2006


I won't go into my whole story, because you really won't care. This is just a rant.

I called United Airlines this morning, because I was having an issue checking into my flight via their website...which I am fond of and have used a zillion times before. The web page gave me a helpful 800 number to dial. Annoying, but no big deal. (Actually, it IS a big deal, but what am I going to do? Punch my computer?)

So I called the United number and did their tedious voice routing and finally reached Friendly Agent #1 (in fairness, he WAS friendly). I explained my problem, read him the prompt on the screen, and he said that I would have to call the number. I explained that I had reached him via, but he failed to understand my dry sarcasm.

As we closed our call, he asked me "Have I met all your travel needs today?" Huh?

So, let's skip ahead to Friendly Agent #2 at who also listened to my story and then tried to pawn me off on yet another number. He explained why I couldn't do what I was trying to do, to which I answered "Yes, but I have done this same thing dozens of times before...what is different this time?" So, he repeated his explanation, ignoring my question.

I don't have a pithy punchline to conclude with. I'm just pissed. Now, I have to go to the airport early, attempt to use one of those humanless check-in kiosks, and then wait for someone to take pity on me. Its just a big waste of time.


So here, I'll end with a visual metaphor for today's customer service. This is a shopping cart I found this weekend...hard to reach, slimy, and crusty with barnacles.


CAPT_Sawyer said...

I hope this is not a portent of bad travel Karma this week. As I mentioned on my blog, I have to do a little bit of travel myself.

Should I be Jeff and say, "What good is your Executive Platinum Covered Gold Medallion Premeir status if you can't get a person to resolve your problem?"


Jeff said...

I would probably just refer to it as 'godlike status'...rolls off the tongue better, but same point. :)

Matthias said...

I always wondered how Davy Jones' acquired his groceries...

BullBunky said...

Matt...that would be an awesome title for this picture!!