Saturday, July 01, 2006

Pancakes,pinecones, and pirates...

One of the most important lessons I learned from my father was how to be an introvert and still have fun at a party. The trick is to have a job that allows you to weave in and out conversations. Normally, my job is being the photographer. Today, I was the pancake maker...and I had a blast AND talked with every single guest at Matthew's graduation party.

Jeff and I also got to spend a large chunk of the day with his young nephew Dominick and neice Natalie. Their topic du jour was pirates...with some ocean-going robots somehow thrown in there.

In one corner of the yard, beneath a dwarf pine, we discovered a "moster's cave" full of pinecones that they declared to be "coconuts". We must have collected 100 fight the sharks...or was it the robots?

Maybe Disney will buy this plot for Pirates of the Carribbean 3!

1 comment:

Buddy said...

pirates, robots, and sharks sound like much better foes than deadlines, committee meetings, and unruly employees...I think I would like to spend the afternoon in Jeff's nephews'
minds instead of where I usually spend it at work :-)