Saturday, July 01, 2006

Its the extras that get you...

Jeff and I are in Michigan this week. In addition to doing the traditional 4th of July festivities, we are toasting Jeff's nephew, Matt, who graduated from high school in June. (Congrats, Matt!)

So, hopefully, we'll have some updates of the fun in the sun. But these photos come with a pretty steep price. In all my haste (and procrastination), I left the camera battery charger at home. And frankly, there is no cheap solution. Almost every charger is unique...and pricey.

Its quite the scam. (Up there with cables and connectors.)

Anyhow, have a happy 4th. I can't wait to dig through some more of my old photos.

1 comment:

JamesF said...

Two chargers blows. Two batteries could at least be useful. Maybe you can sell the other one on ebay for close to retail. So you'll have paid like a 'rental' fee.