Friday, July 07, 2006

Sunrise over the hog yard...

After a normal day of Whippi Dip and some yard work planting daylilies, we pulled out a couple dozen trays of Jeff's dad's slides full of family memories and images of Vietnam. After fighting with a cranky slide projector, we sat for a few hours laughing at bad faishions, remembering Christmas presents past, and telling stories of relatives long gone.

I had done this very same ritual in Richmond with my family on my last visit. The ritual made me think. In the digital camera age, will we have the 'bad' or 'embarrassing' or 'accidental' images to show the next generation? Or will our electronic picture boxes be only those images that we didn't delete and re-shoot a half dozen times until it was just right.

And what about those helpful notations ('Sunrise over hog yard - Aug 1962.') that help you remember a place oe names. Who takes the time to rename all those 'IMG-5362' file names?

As I have been pulling up images from college, I chuckle at the bad hair and the high white socks and the geeky poses. But these go hand in hand with my fond memories.


bobgirrl said...

What about the 20 minutes all dad's spent cursing at the projector while trying to set it up for home movies?? Gone forever.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

Hail all readers!!

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