Sunday, July 02, 2006

Health food...

If yesterday was about imagining I was a pirate, then today was about imagining that I still have the metabolism of a teenager...or even a twentysomething.

Today, after watching the kids sing in church, we did a July 4th weekend tradition here in Muskegon, and visited the annual downtown art festival. The temperatures were perfect to stroll through the park.

At lunch, caught up in the sights and smells of 'fair food', I cashed in a few months at the end of my life to try a Deep Fried Twinkie. Who invented this! It is just a twinkie coated in powdered sugar and batter and then deep fried. Oh yeah, it is dusted (again) in sugar and the drizzled with hot fudge. I described the taste as "a doughnut wrapped around a twinkie".

Tradition #2 was our nightly ritual to Whippi Dip for really yummy soft serve ice cream.

All I know is that if we go back to being pirates tomorrow...I'm going to sink the ship!!

[Oh the photo. Well, I can only post from my Treo, so this is an attempt at some abstract flower art!]

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Buddy said...

Deep Fried Twinkie...sounds like you are living the American Dream this weekend !!!